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Since my last post, I’ve passed the 2000 mile mark for Run The Edge Run The Year 2022! That felt FANTASTIC! As of today, Wednesday December 28th, I’m at 2006.43 miles – 15.57 miles to go with three days of the year left. When I started the challenge back at the beginning of the year, I never intended for it to be as tight as this at the end. I had some Achilles tendon pain following the Delaware Marathon back in April which lasted for a few months and prevented me from running as much as I wanted. I also find the heat in the summer months tough going for running and it was hard to get a high mileage in during those months. There were mornings when, even if I went out super early, it was still too hot for me.

As the Run The Year challenge draws to a close, I’m thinking ahead to training for the Boston Marathon 2023. If I was doing a sixteen week plan, I should have started on Monday. I’m thinking I’m going to go for a fourteen week or maybe even twelve week plan. I’m already running around 50 miles per week so a shorter plan should be OK. In addition, I could use a little downtime between Run The Year and my next marathon training block. I also think that I’m going to write my own plan, using what I’ve learned from training for my previous two marathons plus the knowledge I gained during my Road Runners Club of America Level 1 Running Coach course. I also have experience to draw on from years of training with my running club back in Glasgow. After all, if I hope to offer my services as a running coach, I have to be confident in designing effective training programs – I feel I want to take the opportunity of my own marathon training coming up to start writing running plans.

Thank you for reading, and happy running!



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