First post of 2023!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Wishing you all a terrific 2023, in running and in life in general!

I did manage to complete Run The Year 2022, although it was tight! I passed the 2022 mile mark on Saturday December 31st, finishing up with 2022.68 miles for the year. I faced a couple more obstacles in the final few days. One of those was that I developed a chest cold and cough. I took a rest day on Thursday 29th – I felt pretty terrible that day and couldn’t have run anyway. I most likely shouldn’t have been running on Friday and Saturday as I was still coughing. As a running coach and personal trainer, I would NEVER advise a client to run or workout while sick, but when it comes to training myself, I occasionally do things that I know I shouldn’t. I SO wanted to reach 2022 miles, so I was back out there for 7.1 miles on Friday and 9.15 miles on Saturday.

As it turned out, the other obstacle of those final few days was probably kind of a good thing under the circumstances. We had had quite a bit of snow, and deep snow on the sidewalks and fear of icy patches forced me to slow down my pace by quite a lot in places. Given that I wasn’t 100% health-wise, it was probably good that I had to slow down a bit.

I took two rest days from running, on Sunday and Monday, then got out for my first run of 2023 on Tuesday January 3rd. My chest cold was pretty much gone although I was still coughing a bit. Again I had to take it at an easy pace due to the still-lying snow, but that was fine; it was just nice to get outside again. The weather is warming up a bit and the snow is melting, and I’m looking forward to a good run tomorrow on hopefully clear sidewalks and trails.

Over the next few days I intend to write my training program for the Boston Marathon – exciting!

Happy running, folks, and thanks for reading!



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