Online Personal Training

There are some advantages to working with an online personal trainer as opposed to in-person personal training.

Firstly – flexibility. You can work out wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. I deliver your workouts to you via either the TrainingPeaks or PT Distinction app, so your workouts are available on your phone wherever and whenever it suits you best to do them. Maybe you don’t like the gym setting and would prefer to work out at home? I can design workouts for you that you can do at home and that are still super effective!

Secondly – accountability. Because I’m not delivering in-person personal training sessions, I have much more time available to check in with you and answer any questions you have by text or email at any time. You’re not limited to only having access to my advice and encouragement during set, hour-long in-person sessions. I will keep in touch with you throughout the week to encourage and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals.

Thirdly – affordability. Online personal training is significantly cheaper than in-person personal training, again because an online trainer is not performing in-person sessions.

You might be wondering if online personal training is right for you, and there are a couple of points to consider. If you’re a complete beginner to working out (especially strength work), you will benefit from working with an in-person trainer first, to help you become better acquainted with how to perform strength exercises safely and with good form. If you’re already confident with strength training, however, but need someone to design personalized programs for you, an online personal trainer can be a fantastic option, for the reasons listed above. It’s kind of more of a coaching scenario, if you like – I’m here to design your workouts and program and to inspire and motivate you to not only continue to work out but to enjoy it as well (I design fun, safe and effective workouts)!

Another point to consider is the flipside of the ‘accountability’ advantage that I talked about above. As an online trainer I can give you lots of accountability through being available for you much more through messaging, but if you don’t use this part of the service it’s easy to avoid being accountable. Some clients need or prefer in-person appointments with a personal trainer to feel accountable and keep working out. If you’re reasonably self-motivated, though, online personal training might be perfect for you.

Online Personal Training at Lynne Flores Running LLC

$150 per month:

Month-to-month online personal training. Includes an initial 30-minute consultation (this part is FREE) and an initial virtual fitness assessment over Zoom; personalized and periodized workout program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals; nutritional guidance if you wish; unlimited advice / feedback by text or email; once-per-week 30-minute Zoom session to talk about how the program is working for you.

$400 (one-time fee)

A 12-week program which offers everything included in my month-to-month package, but for a set period of 12 weeks.



You don’t have to be a runner or interested in running to use my online personal training service here at Lynne Flores Running LLC! All potential clients are welcome, no matter what your area of interest. If you would like to know more about my online personal training service, or set up a FREE initial consultation, please email me at