Boston Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 of my training schedule has been a bit of a mixed bag!

On the upside:

Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s runs went great. Wednesday’s run included a successful fartlek session – felt fantastic to get some good speed work done and I enjoyed this session a lot (fartlek is my favorite kind of speed work).

I did two full strength workouts, one on Tuesday (34 minutes and 30 seconds) and one on Friday (28 minutes). I also did core exercises after my runs on Monday and Wednesday.

On the downside:

Life happened this week and interfered with my plans, as it sometimes does! I didn’t get my cross-training done this week, then on Friday things took a bit of a downturn. I ran on Friday morning, and during the run (and during the strength workout afterwards) I thought I felt a little bit off but put it down to simply being tired. Later on Friday afternoon, though, I started to feel really unwell – flu-ey, hot and shivering and with body aches all over. Saturday was a planned rest day anyway, but I wouldn’t have run even if it wasn’t as I still felt pretty rough. Today (Sunday), I’m definitely on the mend, but I don’t feel well enough to run yet, hence I’m missing a long run this week, a planned 18-miler. These things happen, though, and I’m just going to rest today and accept that my mileage for this week is lower than ideal for my training schedule (27.7 miles rather than the planned 45). I’m hoping I’ll feel back to normal tomorrow and can get back out there running again.

Hope you all have a successful week ahead!

Thanks for reading!


This pic is from Thursday’s run. I had to take extra care and take it easy as we had a little more snow overnight (the planned run was an easy paced run anyway). I was glad I was wearing my trail shoes.

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