Boston Marathon Training – Week 6

Despite all my optimism when I wrote last week’s blog post (, Week 6 of my training wasn’t what I hoped. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had a hard time getting properly motivated, which isn’t like me. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, or if I’m just tired, or what it is. Speedwork in particular I’m finding it difficult to feel inspired to do. I’ve wondered if going pretty much straight into marathon training without a proper break after completing Run the Year 2022 has been simply too much. Another case of, I would advise a client to take a proper rest in between but haven’t taken my own advice when it comes to my own training.

Anyway, Week 6 got off to a flying start. I took a scheduled rest day on the Monday following my 18-miler on Sunday February 26th. On the Tuesday morning I ran 4.3 miles and did a 30 minute strength workout, then I did a 45 minute indoor cycling class in the evening. Probably too much in one day, but my feeling was that it was a short run, then strength training and cycling are different activities, although of course they’re still taxing on the body. On Wednesday morning I went out intending to run 8.25 miles with speedwork in there, but only managed 6 miles (I did get three faster tempo miles done). Thursday I just threw in the towel a little, I must admit, and took a complete rest day. I ran on Friday and Sunday, again taking an unscheduled rest day on Saturday – I just could not summon up the motivation. Sunday’s run was good – a ‘shorter’ long run of 12.65 miles which I did actually really enjoy.

So, Week 6 positives – I did my cross-training and got one full strength workout done (although it should have been two). I did do core exercises after all of my runs. My back is feeling a lot better and I enjoyed my Sunday long run. Week 6 negatives – I felt unmotivated some of the time and only ran 31.05 miles total instead of the planned 48, and I missed a strength workout.

I still feel confident about running the marathon, so long as I get my long training runs done especially. This weekend I’m aiming for a big 20-miler – wish me luck!

Hope you all have a great week! Onwards and upwards!

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