Boston Marathon Training – Week 10

Hello everyone!

I’ll start with a confession that I STILL didn’t follow my marathon training schedule to the letter this week! I’m still struggling a little with motivating myself to do speed sessions. However, I did do two nice steady-paced runs of 6.2 miles and 6.5 miles on the Tuesday and the Friday respectively (Tuesday’s run had a couple of verging-on fast miles in it which got my heart rate up nicely). The rest of my running last week was at an easy pace – 5.5 miles on the Wednesday and 15.1 miles on the Sunday. I actually ran further than scheduled on Sunday. My schedule recommended 12 miles, but I couldn’t resist getting one last longer run in. All in all I ran slightly more miles for the week than the scheduled 32, finishing the week with a total of 33.3 miles run.

Another positive this week was that I got back to some cross-training with a one-hour long indoor cycling class on Thursday, in which I cycled 16 miles. I also did one 30-minute full body strength workout on the Tuesday and I did at least one core exercise after all of my runs.

I’m now in Week 11 of training and it’s only 12 days until marathon day! I really am starting to feel excited, which is great!

Something very positive for my online coaching business happened in the last few days! I’m honored to have been asked to become an online running coach with Team RunRun – check out their website here: , and here is my Team RunRun Coach Profile: . I’m very much looking forward to training Team RunRun clients, and if you’re reading this and think you might benefit from my online run coaching services, you can contact me using the form on my Coach Profile!

Hope the week’s being kind to you all!

Thanks for reading!


I’m delighted to become a Team RunRun Coach!

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