The road to Boston is about to begin….

Hey folks!

I’ve spent a good chunk of time today writing my Boston Marathon training plan. I’ve only got the last three weeks of it (the taper) still to write. I decided to go for a 12 week training program this time around, as I’ve ben running a pretty high mileage over the last couple of months on average. For my previous two marathons I did 16 week training schedules. This time around I felt that I needed a bit of downtime after completing Run the Year 2022. I’m still trying to keep my mileage reasonably high in the in between phase, but it’s nice to have no pressure for a few weeks.

My official marathon training program starts on Monday January 23rd! Exciting times ahead! I’ve also been working on my online run coaching and personal training business, and I aim to be able to publish details about the services I offer very soon – definitely before I start marathon training.

Hope you’re all doing well! Happy running to all the runners out there!

Thanks for reading!


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